Who Is Gaurab Borah – Success is never as interesting as struggle!

Life is all about struggles, overcoming them and get up every time even when life tries to pull you down very very hard.

Hi, my name is Gaurab Borah, 24 years old (2015) from Jorhat, India. I am living in Hyderabad for past few years. I am an online entrepreneur, product creator, affiliate marketer and coach. I really appreciate your interest to know more about about me. 🙂

Let’s begin…
We were a middle class family from the very beginning. My father was in Army, mom a housewife and my little 3 year younger sister. I have seen my Dad work 
hard 24 hours a day for continuos days just 
to make the ends meet. I have seen my Mom trying to save every last penny just to be able to pay our school fees. We used to have just enough to feed ourselves, pay the house rent and go to school.
But I was always fascinated by big houses, big cars, rich guys and I know I will be one of them one day.

I was told to study harder, get good marks, get a job and make a lot of money. And I did that – except the making a lot of money part. I was always a bright student, good in sports, confident and a smart guy.

How did this whole Make Money Online thing started?

My dad always wanted a good future for us and his salary was not enough. He wanted to see me and my sister do very well in life and he is a visionary person.

He saved money for months and bought us a computer when I was in my 5th std. in 2003, and it was very very big thing then.

So actually it was him who was looking for ways to make money online. One day a video course arrived at home which was all about making money with Adsense and blogging. Me and my dad were very excited, we worked hard on it for 3 months. Somehow (click exchange) I reached the $100 threshold for Adsense and the day of our payment, the account got BANNED. This was all around in 2007.

This was my first FAILURE and a BIG LESSON in life!

And the lesson was – there is “NO SHORTCUT” to success. And my Dad told me to be prepared for failures, get up back and try again until you succeed.

For the next few years, things went the same way. I studied harder than ever. Because I wanted to get a good job, make money, chase my dreams and give my parents a good life. I got admission into a good college “Army Institute on Technology, Pune” through AIEEE entrance exam.

By the time I was in college, it was a whole new world. I went to hostel. I was independent, no parents supervision, I had lots of fun, played sports, started eating in big restaurants. I started borrowing money from my friends, and then started borrowing more and then more…

…the friendships were strained, my results were getting bad, I even failed in few subjects. I never wanted to ask my father for money because I didn’t wanted to increase his burdens.

I was into 3rd year of my college and by the next year my sister needed to get admission in college. Everyone in my family was tensed. My father had retired and spent most of his pension money for my college fees. He was hardly left with anything.

And I wanted to help him, my sister and my family. The feeling was strong but I had no idea what to do. I even tried network marketing with my father for few months. I would work for 2-3 months, build a team and then the company would shut down. I FAILED multiple times working with various MLM companies.

Things started to get real bad…

A new TURN in my life!

During our failed network marketing ventures, my father bought this very famous book by Robert Kiyosaki named “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. I don’t know why but I started reading it one day…

…and by the time I finished reading it, I was a different man. His story inspired me to become a stronger person, better person and build a business of my own.

Then I started my SECOND Innings…

The only things I knew at that time was little bit of blogging, SEO and network marketing. I had NO MONEY to get started, NO ONE to help me out. I had an old 512 MB RAM, 40 GB second hand laptop. But that couldn’t stop me, I created my first free blog on blogspot, added few articles, optimised them for ranking, added few affiliate links from Clickbank and would work hard on it everyday for the next 30 days.
I didn’t wanted to do Adsense after my bad experience with them initially. After 2 months I had made a BIG ZERO, BIG FAT ZERO. Everyday my confidence, my hope, my enthusiasm was dying a slow death… but I knew I couldn’t fail.

For the next 2 month I got busy with exams and I didn’t do great. I didn’t wanted to get stuck in a day job now and I knew what I want. I knew what I want in life, I knew my destination but I had no idea how to get there or even if I will be able to get there anyway.

My first 2 sales, $58 with Clickbank and the “AHA” moment…

Ok, so I logged into my Clickbank account after 2 months of break and what I see – 2 Clickbank sales of $29 each sitting there… 🙂 🙂 🙂

I went on a emotional ride. I was happy, shocked and in tears at the same time. This was the moment – my first dollars.

For the next few months, I started to learn more about blogging, affiliate marketing. I built review sites, did manual link building. All this time I have never spent any money online, never bought any course. I learned everything from free guides and YouTube videos…


Who are the first person you share you success with – your parents or your family off course. So, next time I went home on winter vacations, I told Dad about my plans and how I am going to make tons of money the coming month with one of my strategy.

Like anyone my Dad thought I was kidding, how could I make money without a job, and just with a laptop.

He CHALLENGED me to make $500 in next 3 months and only then he would believe me!

And I gladly ACCEPTED the challenge. I am not sure if he was just trying to encourage me or really didn’t believed in me.

But it acted as a HUGE driving force for me – Guess what I made $524 in the next 25 days.

I was HAPPY, my father was proud and excited. Slowly I scaled my income to $1000 per month, $2000 per month. I paid for the sister’s college, paid all my father debts, completed the house my dad started 10 years back but couldn’t complete it due to lack of money.

I lost 80% of my income overnight!

Things were great for a year or so, I was enjoying my new found freedom. And then one day suddenly Google decided to update their algorithm and I lost over 80% of my income overnight!

It was big setback for me. My hard work of 18 months was all gone in a flash. I couldn’t believe it. But I was a more experienced man now.

My first JOB!

By this time I had finished my college. I was still making around $400-$600 per month. However I joined Cognizant Technology Solutions. It was a fun time during the training for the first 6 months. But they pushed me into a project I had no interest in and I decided to quit my job.

Working in the job was a memorable period of my life because it’s where I met the love of my life and eventually married her in Feb 2015. : <3

And I started looking for a long-term income source. I realised most of the big guys with long-term business always had a list and they launched their own products while promoting other affiliate offers at the same time.

One night I stumbled upon warrior forum and their Warrior Special Offers section. I was really intrigued with the offers there. I bought a few of them myself and I realised I can do the same. I can create a product with my knowledge of SEO and make money selling it on Warriorforum.

My very first WSO…and another BIG moment!

First, I created a 27 page PDF on Youtube and Clickbank, then I bought few ebooks on sales copy writing, I crafted my own sales copy and with minimal photoshop skills, put it for sale as Warrior Special Offer. A US friend helped me with the Paypal account since Indian residents can’t use their Paypal as vendor.

On the first day I got 16 sales at $10 each, and I had spent just $40 for the WSO thread, that’s $120 in profits. This was another BIG moment for me. Over the next 17 weeks I sold over 142 copies and made over $1000 in profits…

I started creating more and more products and quickly build a list of 1000 buyers and started promoting other affiliate offers and building my network. Also, having an email list gave me more freedom to try out lots of different methods such as Facebook, eCommerce, YouTube, Bing etc etc.

Together we build a million dollar business…

While I was busy doing my small launches on Warriorforum and making 100, 200 sales of each launch. I met Tom Yevsikov, he was a young, bright guys with tons of potential and big dreams. We both helped each other with our respective launches. The great thing was he was good at the stuff which I lacked and I was really good at the stuff that he lacked.

He is my launch partner now. And together we sold over 70,000+ copes of our info and software products online with over $4,000,000+ in sales and have won 200+ leaderboards. And we are still going strong helping thousands of marketers, newbies and friends on the way.

Our last launches dominated the JVZOO marketplace and became best sellers. Ranksnap and SMSBOT both together sold over 4,500 copies and over $300,000 revenue in just 5 days.
Life has really changed for me in last 5 years. I make more than in a day than I used to make in 30 days while in job.

My dad always wanted to buy a Car, and he was so happy and proud when we bought his first car. Just after 2 months I bought another car of myself. The house he was working on for years was finally completed and honestly it’s one of the most beautiful house in the city – just like my dad dreamed. I went to my first international trip to Malaysia and planning to travel tons of different countries very soon.
I started two Private Limited company of my own – ProfitPros Marketing Solutions Private Limited and Adsnexus Web Media.

I do what I want, I don’t need to answer to anyone. I have time and I have money and I love spending time with my family and help other budding Internet marketers.

And I got married to the love of my life… Rishika 🙂

Update: June 2016

I bought new office space in one of the biggest IT park in Hyderabad India at Raheja, Mindspace IT Park, Hyderabad. We are expanding and getting even bigger. Bigger goals and help more people make their dreams come true just like mine with our digital info and software products.
Update Feb 2017

It’s a dream of every person to own his own house. And I so grateful to Internet marketing and the kind of opportunities it has opened up for us. We bought ourselves a 3BHK apartment in Sep 2016 and it’s all ready to move in now. I couldn’t be more excited. To a new chapter in life. 🙂
Update March 2018

This is was a new milestone for me. I have dreamed about having a luxury car ever since I was a child. Even before I had started Internet Marketing, I knew one day I would work hard enough, earn enough to own a Red-shining luxury car. And it turned into a reality this month.

I bought a brand new Mercedes Benz CLA
The whole point is “BE CONSISTENT with what ever you are doing”. You might fail multiple times, and you will. The road to success is never straight, it’s not a shortcut. It’s a journey with multiple stations called FAILURES. But if you keep trying it, you will SUCCEED. No one gets lucky, all successful people have years to struggles behind them.

So, I want you to do one thing right now…

Go and read my Product Launch Report here. It’s one of the best report I have ever written and I reveal the exact strategies and methods that help me get started in the Product Launch field. Plus, here is a quick Free video training where I explain #3 Hacks that you can use to get started in the Product Launch Space.

I never looked backward after that. I was awarded 23+ Best Seller Awards and have been featured on over 200+ affiliate leaderboards. I also helped hundreds of people make their first money online and coached numerous guys to make a full-time income online.

If you’re struggling, you will get there, but NEVER quit.

I hope you really enjoyed my story and it inspired you. I just want you to do one thing now. Just go and ping me on Skype and tell me about your story and I would love to connect with you.